Brunch at THR & Co.

It’s Saturday morning and the season of Spring has finally shown it’s glorious face. The sun is shining, and the weather is sweet so let’s take a walk up to the Annex. The clock strikes 12, too late for breakfast and too early for lunch, so off to THR & Co. for a Harbord St. Brunch.

THR & CO Brunch Bar Egg McMartin Breakfast Water Coffee Peameal  Johannkd Fooze Liver Chicken Pate Tomato

THR & Co. Dining Room – Love all the natural light.

Still quite a young restaurant, this recently renovated corner restaurant is located at 97 Harbord St. near Spadina Ave. The interior feels like the living space of a modern home, and still showcases the buildings original red-brick wall. White ceilings, checkerboard floors, wood finishes and more importantly large glass windows all around, which allow for a lot of natural light. The interior is spacious and refreshing. There is also an “island” bar at the back of the dining room, with seats along the perimeter of the wood. The bar rail hangs from the ceiling on metal racks.

THR & CO Brunch Bar Egg McMartin Breakfast Water Coffee Peameal  Johannkd Fooze Liver Chicken Pate Tomato

A shot of the island bar at THR & Co.

The brunch menu has a total eight items, such as Buckwheat & Buttermilk Waffles, Slow Cooked Beef Brisket & Fried Eggs, Poached Eggs of a Toasted Brioche just to name a few. The mains are followed by a list of sides, which must be ordered separately to accompany each item. I was surprised to learn this, given the average price of each item was already $12.

The Egg McMartin ($11) / Side of Crispy Potatoes & Mojo Rojo ($3)

Griddled Challah, Sunny Egg, Peameal, Roasted Tomato, Chicken Liver Pate and Gouda.

The Egg McMartin is a Egg McMuffin fit for a true gourmand and was quite the treat. This item is built like a sandwich, between two round griddles challah breads. Chicken Liver Pate is spread over the bottom griddle layered by a two slices, one of roasted tomato the other of salty, delicious Canadian Bacon. This is of course topped off with a sunny egg, cooked medium and another challah griddle forms the crown, held in place with a long skewer.

THR & CO Brunch Bar Egg McMartin Breakfast Water Coffee Peameal  Johannkd Fooze Liver Chicken Pate Tomato

The Egg McMartin (Crispy Potato w/ Mojo Roja) Foreground: Pizza for Breakfast is hand- tailored with scissors.

I found the combination of flavours and textures to be most delightful. Picking up the Egg McMartin was no option, so I scooped up the old knife and fork and went to work. I especially enjoyed the addition of the chicken liver pate that added an extra element and flavour profile to the blend. the challah griddle, cooked perfectly acts as a sponge, absorbing the  juices and egg yolk that trickle and collect around the edges of my plate. Gouda was used to add a caramel sweetness, offsetting the salty Canadian bacon, giving the dish a distinctive and unique zang!

In need of a side to satisfy my appetite, the Crispy Potatoes & Mojo Rojo did a fine job of fulfillment. Next time I return I need to ask the chef for the recipe. Mojo Rojo is a smoked chilean sauce made from garlic, chiles, cumin and paprika. This sauce adds a red colour and an interesting spice to the potatoes.

At THR & Co. Toronto’s finest is served in a tall clear bottles and left at the table, a point of service I sometimes admire, especially during a busy service where one can feel stranded in a desert without a drop. No bottomless coffee here, rather a selection of espresso based coffee and french press are available.

THR & CO Brunch Bar Egg McMartin Breakfast Water Coffee Peameal  Johannkd Fooze Liver Chicken Pate Tomato

Water Pure & Coffee Pressed

Lastly, the service here was warm, friendly and hospitable, and our server (anonymous) gave great suggestions. We came in contact with at least four different members of staff, who were eager to help. The bathrooms are clean and the corridor at the bottom of the staircase is fixed with a large chalkboard for guests wanting to leave their mark! A coat check is also available.

I will have to return for a standard lunch / dinner service to see the full spectrum of what they have to offer. But…as brunch is concerned, a tip of the hat to THR & Co. for fine execution.

THR & Co. is located at 97 Harbord St.

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