Lola’s Kitchen Brunch Burger

Frigid temperatures in Toronto this morning, but after a late night of debauchery even a snappy snow storm, complete with razor sharp zephyrs wouldn’t stop me from getting my brunch on. Walk with me up Church St. to Lola’s Kitchen for one of Toronto’s finest brunch experiences.

I was slightly disappointed to hear that the last brunch special was served minutes before we got seated. My heart sank when we learned that the “Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese Benny” was 86’d…(-_-) I guess the early bird really gets the worm and we sauntered in shivering at 1pm. Fair Enough.

For late breakfast, I enquired with our server what she recommended for a hearty, full portion that was sure to put a mammoth appetite to rest. Enter Lola’s Brunch Burger ($16).

Brunch Burger Lola's Kitchen Peameal Johannkd Fooze Egg Challah Breakfast Burger

Lola’s Kitchen Brunch Burger ($16)

This big boy brunch burger was built with hangovers in mind. Constructed with a gargantuan Ontario all beef burger patty, topped with grilled Canadian bacon (peameal), caramelized onions, a blend of Lola’s Cheese, sweet pickles, and a sunny side up organic egg. Lola’s house-made ketchup and garlic aioli dresses the lightly toasted Challah bun, which does a great job of soaking up the juices from the hearty beef patty, which will undoubtedly drip down your wrists, chin and definitely pool your plate.  The egg yolk cascades down, permeating through the layers  of the burger adding great texture and somehow the addition of an egg, diminishes the guilt of eating a burger and fries for breakfast! For an accompanying side the options of a salad, home fries or frites are available. Vegetarian modifications are on offer, but being the carnivore that I am, the question never crossed my mind.

I would trek through the snow every Sunday for this burger, it was quite the treat. Fooze Recommends!

Lola’s Kitchen is located at 634 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y 2G3. Contact: (416) 966-3991
 Click For Full Brunch Menu 
Brunch Burger Lola's Kitchen Peameal Johannkd Fooze Egg Challah Breakfast Burger

….have another look why dont’cha


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