Uni Sashimi

Uni Sashimi

I’ve made the journey to the other side of the world, the Philippines to be exact. Our first dinner out was at Omakase, an authentic Japanese restaurant located in the Molito Plaza in Alabang, Manilla.

This chicken-strip look-a-like dish is in fact ‘Uni’ or Sea Urchin Sashimi, it comes served with sliced cucumber and ‘Calamansi’, a type of miniature lime.

This dish was pretty good, new to me but tasted very similar to liver. Note to Squeemers: Uni has an extremely slimy texture and might otherwise off-put non-adventurous diners. A word of advice, squeeze the Calamansi juice into your soy-souce to add a little zest to your Uni and distract you from the strange texture.


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