Rose And Sons :: One of Toronto’s best brunch spots!

Rose and Sons, Johannkd, Fooze, Brunch

On the west end of our great city at Dupont & Davenport, next door to Big Crow sits Rose & Sons. This cozy little nest is perfect for brunch lovers who want to try something new, delicious and essentially Canadian. R&Sons gives off a cool vibe and feels like the back-room of an old Canadian cottage, lots of vintage trinkets adorne it’s shelves, graffiti artwork in the corridors and chalkboard feature menus along the back wall. With probably around thirty-five (35) seats maximum, there will be wait times, but believe me…It’s worth it!

Rose and Sons, Johannkd, Fooze, Brunch

Text Message from Rose & Sons

My party had to wait about twenty (20) minutes to grab one of these hot-seats, as the restaurant was buzzing with activity and completely sat. I gave my name and number and received a lighthearted text message welcoming us back to eat. When we got back, they were ready for us and we were seated immediately. Our server came over and laid out the features of the afternoon, both of which we accepted… here’s the story of our meal.

To drink, we indulged in the “Cava + Ganza” ($44), a Do-it-Yourself mimosa kit, which came compete with a bottle of Juve y Camps and “All the Juice” which consists of grapefruit and orange. Mimosas are a tasty, tangy and bubbaliciously refreshing cocktail, which has become a brunch staple worldwide. Chances are we wouldn’t have gotten this unless the server highlighted it and we were glad we did, it lasted the entire experience, with each of us having 3 glasses.

Cava Ganza Mimosa Rose and Sons Johannkd Fooze

Cava-Ganza: One bottle Juve y Camps + All the juice $44

For our entree’s we decided to adventure through the feature of the day, Jerk Pork & Hash ($14). This special was extremely tasty, it consisted of a medium spicy jerk seasoned shredded pork, sitting on a hump of sweet potato hash, donned with a soft poached egg and garnished with some salsa verde. I always appreciate a good jerk seasoning, especially when the cook isn’t of Caribbean descent. Tip of the hat, this was  an exceptionally yummy dish…if I had my way however, I would level up the spice. I do understand the need to appease a Canadian palette, but a great Jerk should result in a miniature volcanic eruption on the taste buds, just saying.

Salsa, Jerk, Pork, Egg, Brunch, Potato, Fooze, Johannkd

Jerk Pork, Sweet Potato Hash, Soft Poached Egg & Salsa Verde

The other dish we shared was really something else, an epic clash of savory and sweet, built on southern comfort and doused in the essence of Canadian maple. I speak only of the Griddled Brie Cornbread Brisket ($14), this sweet puppy is not for the feint of heart, a chunky slice of house-made cornbread comes decked with a couple ounces of tender beef brisket, and is topped with a sl’eazy (slight easy) fried egg. This beast lays in a pool of sweet, gooey maple syrup and a chili pepper sauce. So unique is it’s composition, this is hands-down one of my favorite brunch items in Toronto.

maple syrup, cornbread, egg, pork, beans, johannkd, fooze, rose and sons

Griddled Brie Cornbread-Brisket Fried Egg, Maple Syrup and Chili Pepper Sauce

With our tum-tums satiated and our thirst quenched, we sat there without speaking for a couple minutes. A slight buzz from the Cava tickling our senses, we left with no complaints…not even the -7 Celsius Toronto weather could dampen our spirits upon departure from Rose & Sons. We really enjoyed our experience here, and would definitely return!

Fooze Rating: 9 out of 10

Rose & Sons is located at 176 Dupont St. Toronto, ON M5R 2E6

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