Who Says Smoking is Bad? – Kamado Joe’s on my Wish List this year!

The leaves have finished their pilgrimage through color, the splash of yellow and orange fade from Toronto’s parks, and so do the memories of a scorching summer. A season where beastly cold brew and smokey BBQ were a commonplace amenity at every house and cottage.

Ontario Gas BBQ Smoker Toronto Canada Johannkd Fooze

Ontario Gas BBQ

As the season comes to a close, the time has come to plan for next summer, and my famous backyard BBQ’s. I’ve had my eyes on a couple big boy chef toys for Christmas, and there all in one place…at Ontario Gas BBQ.

Grill-Masters listen up! This is sure to peak your interest! OGB is a grill-master’s mecca, the world’s largest barbecue & grill store and showroom, showcasing hundreds of barbecue hardware and accessories. In preparation for next summer, I highly recommend subscribing to the newsletter and following them on twitter for great recipes, tips and barbecue shows.

Looking forward to next year, I’m really excited to start a smoke show for my neighbors. Investing in a quality BBQ smoker is an awesome tool to give your favorite meats that unique, delicious southern BBQ flavor. Most famously used by Caribbean Natives referred to as “Barbacoa” (sound familiar?) A pre-historic cooking method, smoking meats involves a “slow and low” cook using smoke from burning wood.

Indians B

OGB offers an array of smokers from a selection of brand names, including Weber, Primo and Bradley in a range of prices. On my Christmas list this year, I’m asking Smoker Santa for a particular build, the ‘Classic’ Kamado Joe 18” Grill ($949.99 CAD). This robust smoker is crafted with cast iron, has two finished bamboo shelves, a stainless steel cooking grate and locking wheels for mobility and stability.

Kamado Joe Ontario Gas BBQ smoker

Kamado Joe “Classic Joe” 18” Smoker

kamado joe grill bbq johannkd fooze  ontario gas bbq

Cross Section of the components in a Kamado “Classic Joe” Grill

The ‘Classic’ also has a mammoth sibling,‘Big Joe Red’ ($1,599 CAD), which in itself weighs around 250lbs. I considered it, given that OGB offers free delivery and assembly in the GTA for any BBQ at $1,000 (pre-tax) or higher. The other great thing, is that you can pay and order the smoker now for NEXT SEASON and have it delivered any weekday in the new year.

Beef Brisket Smoked Smoker Kamado Joe Johannkd Fooze

Smoked Beef Brisket (Click for Recipe)

For the ladies out there, if your thinking of gifts for that special man (or blogger) in your life, look no further. OGB have got a great selection of gift ideas for this Christmas, ranging from skewers, smoker boxes and baskets to corn holders and mega injectors to season that jumbo double smoked Christmas ham! So, do like me, get outside and get cooking next year! I already did the dirty work for you and found that grill-masters who want delivery before Christmas, must be paid and ordered by Monday, December 16th to allow OGB time to deliver and assemble (which would be on Thursday or Friday, December 19th/20th, 2013). Also, Deliveries will not be scheduled after Thursday or Friday December 19/20 (for the 2013 year).

Can’t wait to rock back on the patio with some amigos, fire up the Kamado Joe and heave a thick slab of Beef Brisket on to smoke. “I got the BBQ covered y’all, just bring the beer, Sam Adams preferably”

 Next summer is going to be incredible, “Smoke it Up!” (no pun intended)

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