Ladies & Gentleman, presenting Miss Korea!…not just another beauty queen


Miss Korea Bar & Eatery

Post our Captain Phillips screening at Varsity Theater (which was a nail-biter I might add), my lady and I headed over to Yonge & Charles for some after-hour Korean cuisine at Miss Korea. The blue and red icon is quite bright, ornate with a white sash and tiara…the beauty queen of Korean cuisine in Toronto?

Miss Korea Bar Fooze Johannkd

The walls are wrapped in high gloss crate wallpaper suitable for shipping and various liquor bottles are painted to look like a bar-rail on their massive blackboard. The back bar is covered in galvanize metal and chalkboards are utilized for comic handwritten menus. The interior of the restaurant is stellar, a style that I appreciate. One odd thing about this place is that ALL the tables are round and quite close together. The other oddly amazing thing is the stool you sit on, which doubles as a “coat bin”, this is pretty clever but makes for an awkward escape (especially in an inebriated state). Luck for you, the blaring electronic dancehall music will smother the sound of your clumsy lid drop.

The menu is quite unique with some dishes that I struggle to pronounce but try to nonetheless. The options range from salads and shrimp tempura to dup-bap, bibimbap, bulgogi and Sam-Gyup Ddeok-Bbo-Ki of course! (i.e. “Spicy Rice Cake”). The drinks menu also offered Soju, which we will definitely indulge next time.

Miss Korea TOronto Fooze Menu johannkd cuisine food bibimpap dup bap

We decided to share the Pork Belly Salad ($8). This is a traditional mixed greens with sliced cucumber, doused in a sweet & spicy vinaigrette dressing and topped with 4 to 5 slices of yummy grilled pork belly.

Pork Belly Salad Fooze johannkd korean miss korea

Pork Belly Salad

As our main’s we decided to try Dup-Bap ($9), both the Spicy Pork and Bulgogi Beef. These dishes were pretty good, with an authentic Korean spice in the marinade. They were substantial portions, add a side of sauteed Kimchi (+0.99) and this delicious Dup-Bap takes on a whole new flavor!

dup-bap korean pork beef bulgogi korea miss johannkd fooze toronto

Spicy Pork, Bulgogi Beef & Pork Belly Salad.

The service was good, attentive and not too intrusive. Thumbs Up to Miss Korea, you’ve made a fine delegate for The Great East. Oh and one more thing…Miss Korea also offers an upstairs Karaoke bar, next time you feel the urge to let out your inner Korea-Pop star!

Fooze Rating: 8 out of 10

Want to try some new Korean?

Check out Miss Korea at 687 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4Y. (647) 748-9100


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