Fill your beak at The County General!

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What’s Cooking?

Friday night, the sky has opened up and Toronto is soaked to the skin,  My party and I face the rain in search of some good comfort food. At the west end of Toronto, over at Queen and Ossington, a rooster crows aloud calling us to it’s nest at The County General, here’s the story of the evening…

 The County General has a great style and fun atmosphere, and has definitely established itself as one of the more popular joints in the west end. The County General is quite small, guestimating 50 seats in the dining area, plus a bar rail. The art on the walls are pop culture icons e.g. Jimi Hendrix printed in a stencil art style and the soundtrack for dinner is a mainstream rock playlist. I do believe the owner is a huge Linkin Park fan.

jimi hendrix wall art county general fooze toronto johannkd chicken

Our party of four decided it was a night for communal eating, that being said we ordered the “KFC” Chicken (Korean Fried Chicken) $40. I was fairly amused by the presentation of this dish, a sheet of wax paper is laid over your table and like a fantasy made reality…fried chicken rains down on your table followed soon after by a shower of Korean BBQ sauce, Hoisin, pickled red onions, cilantro and a drizzling with a guacamole aioli…I think I died and just went to heaven! This southern american-korean fusion comes with a side of steam bao, ready for stuffing! Recommended for sharing, this mammoth meal is  incredibly scrumptious and definitely worth the price!

chicken fooze kfc korean johannkd county general

KFC “Korean” Fried Chicken, straight on the table!

If that wasn’t enough we also ordered the following items:

pork pancetta kfc chicken county general johannkd fooze

KFC (foreground) and the Pork Plate (background)

Pork Plate ($11) – We we’re slightly disappointed with this particular dish. the waitress warned that a very large plate was coming and made a great effort to create room at the table. However, when the 5x11inch board arrived, it was litterally more ‘plank’ than ‘pork’. The selection comes with Pigs Head Panchetta, Rillete, Crackling Pickled Mustard, Sourdough. Although a tasty treat, not worth the price tag.

Boudin Noir ($10) – Blood Sausage, Black Pudding…call it what you will, this lush, creamy and dense treat was a great, unique addition to our meal. I haven’t had this in quite sometime and was happy to enjoy it once more. The Boudin Noir is served with Grilled Cheese and Maple Mustard.

Heirloom Radish & Beet Salad ($5)  – You can’t beet this salad, at $5 it is a great bite and was a great contrast to the warm, salty and heavy flavour profile of the other dishes. Served with Namprik and Ricotta, the beet salad is a refreshing salad that complimented the meal quite well.

Frites ($4) – Served with a Garlic Aoili…need I say more?

boudin noir blood sausage pudding chicken fooze johannkd county general toronto

Boudin Noir

The Country General has quite an extensive bar menu, with a great selection of aged rums. I kept it simple and ordered the Gosling “Black Seal” Rum (Bermuda) with coke. Other drinks that graced our table included the Muskoka Mad Tom and Mill St. Organic. A good hoppy IPA always pairs great with heavy deep-fried food!

Our server was friendly, patient and attentive, she shared good product knowledge and especially served up the KFC Chicken in superb fashion.

All in All a great experience here at The County General No regrets with our decision on a restaurant tonight, it was well worth the 40 minute wait and our party left with their belts undone. I’ll definitely be returning….perhaps with a bigger appetite.

Great Job County General, I salute you!

The County General is located at 936 Queen St. W, Toronto.

Fooze Rating: 9 out of 10

rum coke fooze johannkd toronto county general bermuda rum

Goslings “Black Seal” Rum & Coke

Tyler @ County


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