The Blake House Brunch

ImageThis Saturday, my girlfriend and I intended to visit Ganzi for brunch, but found it ‘closed’ and decided to venture southbound instead to the The Blake House for brunch on 449 Jarvis St. (Jarvis & Maitland). We found the restaurant fairly easily due to it’s great curb appeal and massive patio, which was half full, around 2pm.

We checked in, and were sat at our table of preference and greeted shortly after by our server. We ordered two bloody caesar’s which was up to standard, but lacking in garnish. For $6 though, I’ll let it slide.

For our appetizer we shared the Crispy Fried Calamari, which was served with a Citrus Aioli. The dish was tasty, and not too salty, which is a common issue I have with fried calamari. The squid was cooked perfectly and the sauce was a great accompaniment.

I dared to indulge in the Blake’s Monte Cristo ($11) which was built between two slices of french bread, dipped in egg with shaved back bacon, smoked cheddar and grilled tomato, It

Imagewas partnered with a potato hash and a small fruit salad. The meal was quite tasty, I requested maple syrup (Cause that’s how I like it!)  and was content with my decision.

My girlfriend tried “Wakey-Wakey Eggs & Bakey”, a shaved back bacon sandwich topped with an egg and cheddar cheese in between a kaiser bun. I rolled the dice, taking a taste of her sandwich and was satisfied with the taste, especially the addition of the warm egg yolk permeating through the bun.

Post-meal, the patio was very quiet. Our server, was decent and polite, but never really tried to make a connection, only returning once to check with us during the course of our meal. I may return to The Blake House, but wasn’t blown out of the water by the overall experience.

Fooze Rating: 7 out of 10



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